Things to do in Irbid

Irbid is not just the city placed in the northern area of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. Its the “Bride of the North” as we call it here in Jordan by that name. It is the second largest city in Jordan according to population and the third one according to geographical area. Irbid is a student city, it has 2 of the largest universities in the country; Jordan university of science and technology located a little bit outside of Irbid, about 10 minutes away by the bus. and Yarmouk university, which it’s eastern gate lies on one of the famous streets in Irbid, the university street.

When I started this blog it was aimed at helping people visiting Irbid, for whatever the period they’re planning their stay, to enjoy it to the maximum by showing them the places and spots that they can visit in Irbid and provide them with a bunch of hopefully useful tips. But after thinking it through I thought I’d make it even better and attach more information about living in Jordan and Irbid, in specific, and the experience that they can expect to gain and take with them after they leave.

Therefore, either if you’re going to live or visit Irbid, there’s plenty of places and sites to see inside and around Irbid. I would preferably divide them into two groups as follows:

1st you have the places that you can check out during the weekdays and 2nd you have the ones that you can check out during the weekends.

The reason behind this kind of grouping is because there are places located outside the city but yet nearby. It may require you a whole day to explore them.

– Where can I go during weekdays?

1) Irbid downtown. Includes some of the oldest traditional restaurants in town the likes of (Qasmeyeh restaurant and Palestine restaurant), Al Kamal Cafe,….

To begin with, I’m going to start with Qasmeyeh restaurant. It has the best Hummus in town if not even the country as it goes back to many decades ago.

Eat at Palestine restaurant which also serves Hummus but in addition to that have some Falafel, Foul, Msabaha, and drink some tea along side that.

Reaching Palestine restaurant is not hard at all. You just get to the cross roads of Baghdad and 30th streets. It’s a 2 minutes walk from the Queen Alia traffic lights.

You can find Qasmeyeh restaurant in the old town of Irbid, that’s in downtown near the famous clock tower. you just ask around there and you’re not going to get lost but make sure you go before 10 am as it closes afterwards and they open really early.

Also, not too far from Qasmeyeh restaurant is Al kamal cafe where you can have Turkish coffee and enjoy sheesha. Ask for directions and you wont get lost. To give you a little tip on where the place is, it is on the second floor of the building next to the traffic lights near the famous clock tower.

Irbid’s central vegetables market

This picture shows the central vegetables market in downtown Irbid and bunch of locals doing some vegetables shopping.

Irbid Archaeological Museum

Irbid archaeological museum is definitely a worth checking museum in the city. If you’re at the southern part of the city you should stop by and visit the museum to know about the people who lived in Irbid in the past and learn more about the activities they were engaged in.

Arar Cultural House

Arar Cultural House

In the two pictures displayed above as you can see, the entrance to and the inside of Arar cultural house in the heart of the old town of Irbid city.

Here’s a map locating Irbid downtown and the places nearby.

Irbid downtown map

While you’re in downtown Irbid I would suggest to walk around and take a look at the shops while you’re at it.

At the bottom of the page you can find the opening hours and days of the places mentioned previously and the places that are about to be introduced to you.

2) Al-Mankal restaurant, and it is located on the university street which is one of the busiest streets in Irbid.

Al-Mankal restaurant

If you want to eat grilled BBQ Arabian food this is among the best restaurants with acceptable prices.

3) Museum of Jordanian Heritage.

Museum of Jordanian Heritage

Museum of Jordanian Heritage

When you find yourself close to university street make sure you enter the Yarmouk university as you can find inside the campus the museum of Jordanian heritage.

Visit Yarmouk University’s website here for more information.

4) Malls and shopping centers.

Arabella Mall

Its one of the newest shopping malls that opened recently in Irbid and Jordan. The biggest one in Irbid as well as it is the most diversified malls in the area having contained coffee shops, food court, supermarket, stores, and a what you may call skating rink. The reason it is called Arabella mall is because one of the names they used to call Irbid back in the day is “Arabella”.

Safeway Shopping Center

Safeway shopping center is a your regular supermarket. Its a one stop shop if I may call it that. You can go there and find your grocery needs all in one place.

Arabella mall and Safeway shopping center are located next to each other east of the University Street. For better directions check out the maps enlisted along the way.

Irbid mall

Irbid mall which is basically a supermarket as well, but also has a wonderful Italian restaurant at the top floor called Via Via. It serves buffet breakfast every morning for 3 JDs and on Fridays they do a buffet lunch for 5 JDs.

Irbid mall is located to the east of the University Street.

5) Cafes which are a common place of hangout in Jordan in general. Some of the cafes in Irbid include (Donuts factory located on one of the busiest streets in Irbid called university street, also Tche Tche, News cafe ,and Pravista cafe where students from both universities in Irbid hang out).

You can enjoy the Arabic music, sometimes they host a local singer to better the atmosphere. Have a sheesha and enjoy the night at one of the cafes as its the usual hangout in Irbid.

6) Shopping streets where small shops and boutiques can be found. Here are the main streets in Irbid:

Cinema street

Cinema street is one of the oldest streets in Irbid. Its at the heart of Irbid downtown, the old town, which is still pretty active till this day. As I suggested earlier when you visit Al kamal cafe and Qasmeyeh restaurant go for a walk around downtown, explore, and you will definitely recognize the cinema street. Called cinema street for a reason, its the place where the first cinemas in Irbid ever existed. Its the only spot that used to show movies in a cinematic way. Unfortunately nowadays Irbid doesn’t have cinema theaters anymore but the remains of that old cinema are still there.

Not too far from the cinema street, near the famous clock tower, and the view from Al kamal cafe’s balconies lie Baghdad street which is one of the main streets in Irbid because it has there what we call the gold shop.

Al Hosson street

Al Hosson street. I think of it as a link between the old town and the new town of Irbid. Because it connects downtown Irbid to the modern built areas that basically has all the malls and shopping centers, Yarmouk university campus, and the university street as well. If you find yourself in that street, you will notice that its more like a street filled with clothes and shoe stores. If you’re hungry while you’re there I would recommend you go to Abu Hilal restaurant its simply delicious BBQ and you don’t need directions to get there just follow your nose.

University street

The last one, University street, is the most lively street in Irbid. Stays busy til the morning so its only right we call it the street that never sleeps. It’s location lies on Yarmouk university’s western gate. Almost everything can be found there from internet cafes to traditional food, junk food, and a wide range of restaurants to book stores, etc. Most of the student’s dorms are around this street as this is what makes it the most lively street in Irbid.

Here is a video showing the University street in Irbid at night.

Check out the map beneath for directions to get there and some places nearby it.

University street map

7) Prince Hassan Youth City. A sports city, a place for walking, jogging, and running, and to do other sports activities as well.

Prince Hassan Youth City

8) The campuses of Yarmouk university and Jordan university of science and technology.

Yarmouk University Campus

JUST Campus

They are 2 of the largest universities in Jordan and in Irbid to be specific. almost all of the students living in Irbid go to one of them. The Yarmouk university is in the heart of Irbid city. While Jordan university of science and technology, or as it is called among its students “JUST”, located outside of the city, about 15 Kilos to the eastern part of the city next to the bordering city of Ramtha.

Visit Yarmouk University’s website here for more information.

Visit Jordan University of Science and Technology’s website here for more information.

– Where can I go during weekends?

You have other places nearby Irbid which you can get to through public transportation or by going to one of the tourist’s offices in town. Some of these places are:

1) Umm Qais.

2) Lake of Tabaria.

3) Ajloun.

4) Jerash.

You can always take the bus to visit the places that outside of Irbid. Feel free to access our Resources & Links page, go to the trips schedule where you’ll have all the information regarding hours, dates, and destinations of JETT bus company.

– Opening days and hours for the following places:

Irbid Archaeological Museum:

  • Admission: Jordanians 0.5 JD and Non Jordanians 2.00 JD.
  • Office hours:

Winter (November until April): 8 am – 5 pm.

Summer: 8 am – 7 pm.

April and May: 8 am – 5.30 pm.

Ramadan: 8 am – 3.30 pm

Fridays and Holidays: 10 am – 4 pm

  • Phone number: +962 2 7275817

Arar Cultural House:

  • Phone number: +962 2 7240874

Museum of Jordanian Heritage:

  • Admission: Free
  • Office hours:10 am – 5 pm except Tuesday
  • Phone number: +962 2 7211111

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